Meet differently

The SWISSTECH CONVENTION CENTER is set against a spectacular backdrop in the heart of one of 
Switzerland’s most vibrant areas, the Lake Geneva Region. Located on the campus of the prestigious École 
Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), its futuristic design makes it a truly unique building in Europe. With its close proximity to Lausanne, designated the Olympic Capital, the SWISSTECH CONVENTION CENTER is an ideal platform for exchanges among conference delegates from around the world.

Message from the president

Great university campuses across the world have their own hallmark and history that give them a distinctive atmosphere. 
The EPFL campus has recently been enhanced with the addition of a building whose bold architecture has made global headlines—the Rolex Learning Center. Located at the heart of Europe and set against an idyllic backdrop of lakes and mountains, our campus is one of the most beautiful and charming in the world. But what this 65-hectare campus lacked was a place to host major international science conferences. Now we can, thanks to the SWISSTECH CONVENTION CENTER. Nestled among our teaching and R&D facilities, this large, modular, ultramodern building is an ideal place to discuss cutting-edge research. We are pleased with the completion of the convention center and delighted to be able to host the international scientific community and major science conference organizers.
Patrick Aebischer, President of EPFL

Where the future is built

A renowned hub of scientific expertise, the EPFL has a threefold mission: education, research, and technology transfer at the highest international level. Through its innovative approach, it fosters the development of ties between students, academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Daily encounters facilitate the emergence of innovative technological and architectural projects that greatly benefit 

Living Space

The SWISSTECH CONVENTION CENTER is located on the north side of the EPFL campus. Immediately adjacent to the center is a new shopping arcade with a wide variety of stores, as well as housing for 516 students and an 
underground parking. Direct links to the M1 metro and bus lines provide easy access to public transportation.